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Why Do appraisals If You Are Not Giving A Raise

“Why do appraisals if the company isn’t giving a raise?” This was the question from a participant in a middle management training class. Before I could answer several other managers agreed with him. A better question is, Why call yourself “Manager” if you don’t manage? I’m not being sarcastic here. This gentalman has lots of company. In my twenty years of consulting/training experience I find most managers are really coordinators or event planners. Many do not see ir staff development as a high priority, not even a responsibility at allat all.

Why should they see it differently? Their job is to get the iron out the door, deal with customer expectations, squeeze out efficiencies, ensure compliance with regulations and safety codes, etc. These are measured and have a huge impact on the business not to mention their pay check. Even if they wanted to where are they going to get the time. Isn’t development HR’s job anyway?

  • Ensure all employees understand the organization’s mission and strategy
  • Provide strategic human resource planning Identify the A positions
  • Ensure top talent is assigned to roles where e value is created (A Positions)
  • Ensure development of a highly skilled and motivated workforce
  • Ensure expectations are being met
  • Provide consequences for exceeding, meeting or failing to meet expectations
  • Constantly communicate organization’s strategy and strategic needs
  • Leader managers don’t just manage, they change things

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