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Tech Talk Fundamentals of the Software Design

Performance SystemPerformance Management System

Measure Performance, Contain Costs, Drive Innovation

Performance Path ® Value Proposition

Performance Path ® is a next generation complete performance management system. By linking information technology with organizational psychology Performance Path provides accurate measures of frontline performance, new methods to contain costs in compensation and drive innovation. For the first time managers will have the tools they need to align competing priorities and accountability, reduce relative cost, melt resistance to change and steer the workforce like a captain steers a ship putting YOU in charge of your future!

Performance Path® allows your business to;

  1. Drive Strategic Change

  2. Reduce Relative Costs

  3. Hardwire Accountability

  4. Target Increases in Innovation and Value Creation

  5. Increase Overall Motivation and Employee Performance

  6. Next Generation Appraisal System

In these poor economic conditions senior managers recognize the need for tighter cash flow controls and visibility into current results. The spreadsheet process is increasingly adequate. Demands are mounting from shareholders and board members. As always, operation units continue to resist change; even at a time when change is accelerating in many industries.

Performance Path ® software is web based software readily accessible anywhere in the world. Activate your current performance management system or design a new system to meet your current and future needs.

Performance Path ® effects change increasing performance and productivity by linking strategy and goals with employee passion. Performance Path ® creates a culture of achievement, not entitlement. The end result:

  • Reduced compensation costs while rewarding employee commitment and loyalty.

  • A Strategic steering wheel linking effort and innovation with results.

  • Clear line-of-sight between strategy and employee behaviors.

  • Execute rapid response to changing market forces.

  • Increased employee compliance with policies, procedures, job requirements.

Performance Path ® Model
Next Generation Performance Management System

Performance Path ® Model

Performance Path ® is a high performance work System. The Model includes Performance Based Job Description, Performance Appraisal, Incentive Cache and Performance Leadership. In addition, optional application supporting goal setting coaching, employee documentation, performance dashboards and more.

  • Next Generation Performance Management System

  • Get managers and staff to think like owners

  • Interlocking information technology with organizational psychology

  • Creates a culture of achievements not entitlements

  • Increase performance while lowering relative cost

  • Get the potential your strategy promises

Performance Based Job Description, Tell Them How to Excel

They Provide:

  • Measurable, job specific work requirements, prioritized and linked with strategy and goals.

  • Conduct areas defined in measurable terms.

  • Targeted areas of innovation and excellence beyond work requirements.

  • Defines qualifications and career path opportunities.

Performance Appraisal, Rating “Human Factors” Performance

  • Objective & legally defensible.

  • Weight performance according to strategic impact and difficulty of job.

  • Link individual performance with Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).

  • Measures Leadership Skill Level, Employee Skill Level, Individual Motivation Level and more.

  • Managers and employees are discussing what is happening on the job instead of what the terms mean in the appraisal.

The Incentive Cache

  • Identify staff motivational "hot buttons".

  • Fully engage employee brains and backbone with non-financial performance incentives.

  • Use performance based incentives to steer employee efforts and drive strategy like you steer your car.

  • Attract and keep top talent with personalized rewards they can't get anywhere else.

Performance Leadership, Get Staff to Think Like Owners

  • Measure, monitor and analyze if managers are creating value or destroying it.

  • Decrease the time it takes for staff to take action.

  • Increase the performance of activities that drive strategy and goals.

  • Increase the number of employees that go above and beyond work requirements.

  • Learn how to drive mission and strategy with employee passion.

A Better Way to Increase Performance & Productivity

Effective performance management systems fully engage employees at all levels. (Removed Content) Increase financial results are produced by linking daily activities with management best practices and valued incentives. Performance Path ® shifts employee focus from pay to skill and initiative. Aligning and realigning incentives with goals and strategic objectives creates agility and competitive advantage. The relative cost of compensation and benefits decline, The net result – a bigger bang for your human capital bucks.

Areas of Customization

Performance Path ® is totally customizable. It is easily adapted in whole or in part to your specific needs.

  • Performance Based Job Descriptions

  • Job Specific Appraisals

  • Incentive Profiler

  • Defining Management Accountabilities

  • Custom Reports

  • Coaching Development Work Sheets

  • Team Matrix

  • Performance Dash Boards and Score Cards

Is your company looking for a Complete Performance Management System?  Contact Performance Path today to find our what we can do for YOUR business.

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