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Strategic Mapping Overview

Strategic mapping is a strategic planning and execution process. It has been successful used by Fortune 100.corporations such as Chevron, ATT, and Colgate. It provides executive teams with the technology to quickly execution and anticipates bottlenecks and blunders. The process quickly identifies underperforming high impact areas key result areas. Avoid wasting valuable time and money.

Strategic mapping ensures senior management can ...

  • Build consensus quickly even with the most diverse membership.

  • Envision areas holding the greatest opportunities and failure.

  • Generate business alignment.

  • Measurably links strategic drivers with the day-to-day actions of employees.

  • Track strategic performance by department, position or person.

  • Execute strategy changes faster.

  • Increase return on investment of money, machines, and manpower.

Strategic mapping is an analytical process developed to align diverse opinions while pin pointing the key result areas essential to long term success. Participants identify and force rank the factors which they believe have the greatest impact on their future success. The items are rated according to their current performance level and plotted on a matrix. Through the welding together of diverse opinions the matrix provides a clear road map indicating current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

With this new perspective, rational and realistic business plans can be easily constructed. Individual team members will be able to confidently create measurable performance objectives aligned with a sense of purpose shared by the entire team. Valuable resources can be focused where they are most needed. Team members will be able to support organization mission, strategy, and goals while making independent decisions.

Strategic Mapping Objectives

  • Manage the critical success factors affecting success and failure.

  • Identify and eliminate unforeseen obstacles to a successful transition for the old facility to the new facility.

  • Increase shared responsibility and commitment among team members.

  • Provide a rational approach to team decision making.

  • Create a culture inspired by clear direction and fueled by a collective passion.


The Strategic Mapping process is designed as a one day work shop. One day includes actual time engaged in classroom activities, resenting/demonstrating training concepts, methods and technologies.

Participant Materials

Custom design participant materials which includes; workbooks, personality inventories and exercises used by participants in the workshop.

Concluding Comments

Our goal is to exceed your expectations. We have a strong desire to make a positive contribution toward your professional and personal growth.

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