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Tech Talk Fundamentals of the Software Design

Performance Management Software

Performance Path ® Web based performance software solutions.

Performance Path ® software is designed to provide an easy to use and highly adaptable ASP performance management system. It is web based. Access is available worldwide. It can be configured to accommodate your performance management design or equipped with our high performance work force system, Performance Path ® .

Customizable Performance Management Dashboards

Dashboards make it easy to measure, monitor and analyze performance in key result areas. Strategic alignment and goals are directly linked with day to day performance. Reports in multiple formats can display measurement of:

  1. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) by person, position or department
  2. Leadership Skill Level
  3. Management Skills Level
  4. Employee Skill Level
  5. Motivation Level of each person, or an entire department
  6. Innovation in progress and completed
  7. Goals in process or completed
  8. Skill Improvement trend analysis year over year
  9. Conduct and compliance with critical protocols
  10. Employee documentation by category and volume

An alert system reminds managers when it is time to review performance, schedule meetings or document employee performance.

Online Performance Appraisals

Managers can access current or past appraisals online. The appraisal format is completely customizable including:

  • The size of the rating scale, rating descriptions and point value assigned to each descriptions
  • Prioritizing appraisal items
  • KPI’s linked with the performance of work requirements
  • Weighting of different job requirements reflecting their business impact.
  • Different appraisal sections may have independent ratings and weighting capturing performance in areas such as conduct, innovation and value creation.
  • Each section may provide managers and employees with separate comment areas
  • Many people have the same job title but one job may be more difficult than another. A job difficulty rating scale can be added to the appraisal system allowing managers to preset a job difficulty rating provides a more equitable way to assess work performance for different individuals within the same job title. This rating automatically adjusting the final score up or down based on the pre set difficulty rating.
  • A “Score Board“ provides an easy view summary of weighting, rating and score for each section.
  • Alerts can be preset reminding managers in advance when an appraisal date is approaching.

Our Performance Management Work Sheet

Managers can set-up work related goal or coaching plans anytime throughout the year. All plans include;

  • Measurable goal statements.
  • Observable behaviors supporting goals.
  • Supportive actions managers provide ensuring goal achievement. As managers add new entries they are saved into a “Pick List” making it faster and easier to complete new plans.
  • Incentives may be selected from a preloaded list or added to the list further boosting motivation and improving results.
  • And finally multiple alert times may be scheduled establishing review dates and completions dates.
  • An alert system is available to remind managers and employees of important scheduled events.

Employee Documentation Log

This feature makes it easy for managers’ to document and organize employee notation throughout the year. A preset numb of documentation categories enable managers to document employee performance, conduct, suggestions, training and related achievements. New category tabs allow managers to completely customize this feature to fit their needs.

An alert system is available so managers can schedule reminders to document selected employees performance on a regular basis. Hr can set alerts to identify when no documentation has occurred within a specific date range and send reminders to respective managers.

System Administrator Module (SAM)

The SAM allows designated staff to add new content and update existing content on most of the pages in the software system. This includes: employee information, job titles, reporting relationships, appraisal format, ratings and weights etc. All pages may be easily added, updated, displayed and printed in PDF format. Once in place all sections can be easily amended using SAM’s user friendly display format.

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