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Rodney E. Waddell, CEO

About Mr. Waddell

Mr. Waddell has nearly 18 years of experience in training, team building and organizational development.

Rod has worked as a business consultant since 1986 focusing on improving employee performance and loyalty. He has developed models and the methods for businesses to integrate leadership assessments, pay-for-performance, and incentive systems resulting in a culture achievement not entitlements.

Sought after in the banking and insurance industries, Rod provides intensive management workshops for improving employee performance and leadership development.

He was a principle partner with Dynamic Resource Development, Inc. whose international client base included fortune 100 corporations such as ATT, Chevron USA and Chevron CCR, Colgate, General Motors Canada and many others.

Since establishing his base of operation in the Cayman Island Mr. Waddell has worked with organizations such as Admiral Administration, British Caymanian Insurance, Cable and Wireless, Coutts Cayman and Coutts Jersey, Julius Baer Bank, and many CI Government departments.

Beyond training and team building, Mr Waddell has developed strategic interventions, company policy manuals, performance based job descriptions, appraisal systems including Performance Path ® a performance management software system. In addition Mr. Waddell has incorporated avatar and text-to-speech technologies to animate psychological assessments, customer service surveys and 360 degree feedback systems.

Mr. Waddell holds a BA in psychology and a Masters degree in Counseling. Post graduate work includes receiving designation as Advisor Specialist with IIP, Deming Quality Management, Human Element Leader/Trainer, Situational Leadership and DISC assessment and many other certifications.

Mr. Waddell donates may hours of his time each year to social organizations, such as, Junior Achievement and the Chamber’s Mentoring Program.

Notable Achievements

Business Performance Software
Designed and launched a web based performance management system interlocking strategy, goals and individual behavior with financial and non financial incentives.

New Acquisition Angst
A short time after Chevron had purchased Gulf Oil, delimitation began to occur on one of the office buildings acquired during the acquisition. Top executives and managers had been haggling over a solution for weeks because of conflicting professional priorities. The original architects wanted to ensure aesthetic appeal, the concrete contractor demanded any solution have 50 years longevity and the Chevron team wanted the lowest costs A two-day teambuilding session was conducted and broke the impasse.
The project was so successful Chevron made a documentary video about it.

Reformulated Gasoline Project
Conducted executive team building sessions with the El Sagunto refinery conversion budgeted at $500.million dollars. This project involved converting a traditional gasoline production refinery into producing a low emission fuel needed to met new California State requirements. This included developing a team mission statement, supporting objectives, and implementation strategies. for a 56-member cross-functional team between Chevron and Fluor Daniels.

Investors in People
Awarded IIP “Advisor Specialist” for placing in the top 20% of those completing business simulation exercises by the UK based, Investors in People program..

Julius Baer
Lead the senior management team in strategic alignment, performance measurement systems and leadership training. Provided instruction for management at all levels in the development of performance monitoring and staff coaching processes. Charlie Farrington, Managing Director, recognized my contribution to Julius Baer’s receiving the Investors In People certification in 2005

City of Ft Lauderdale Police Department
Trained 455 police officers in conflict resolution, which jump-started the change required to break down a culture of excessive force imbedded in the Ft. Lauderdale Police Department, Florida, USA. The two-day course included personality and values associated with violence as well as conflict management strategies. As a result, complaints from citizens and business owners were immediately reduced.

Tattersall & Tattersall
Developed a client referral program that increased revenues for one of the top 25 CPA firms in Orlando, Florida USA. The referral programme was based on pinpointing and rewarding key behaviors boosting new referrals and cross selling among staff members. The program increased revenue by $50,000 in its first month of implementation.

Cayman Islands Government
Designed and implemented Pay–for-Performance training programme as part of its financial overhaul for 300 managers in every sector of government.

Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce
Chaired the Work Force Development Council, a Chamber of Commerce initiative, that developed competitive advantage strategies to ensure key work force skills were available to meet growth and development needs of the country. These strategies included developing local training expertise, improving management practices and the implementation of a collaborative workforce council.

Investors In People, United Kingdom
Obtained “Advisor Specialist” with Investors In People, UK. Advisor Specialist is the highest skill level recognized in the Advisor category.

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