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Harness Employee Innovation

Expand competitive advantage by creating innovation targets specific to each employee.

In our global market place innovation is a cornerstone of sustainable business success. Yet, in many organizations innovation remains sequestered to R&D or rely on hit or miss suggestions from employees. The benefits of harnessing the collective power of talented individuals is enormous for small and large businesses alike Performance Path ® enables organizations to hardwire innovation and value creation into each employees thinking.

Performance Path ® performance based job descriptions and appraisals systems hardwire innovation and value creation into each employees job and pay package. Measurable innovation target areas are embedded in each employee’s job description and appraisal. These targets are outside normal job duties. Employees receive additional points in their appraisal or select from highly desirable incentives based on their Incentive Cache™ profile. Employees have nothing to lose and everything to gain by engaging in creating value beyond job requirements Targets may include new ideas that reduce cost, increase productivity, solving customer problems, contributing to designated community organizations, etc.

Setting innovation targets alone will not be successful if employees are not passionate and engaged. Passionate individuals are usually talented and motivated, but they're often unhappy - they feel blocked in their efforts. Leadership must put mechanisms in place to reward value creation and innovation.

Establishing innovation targets linked with highly valued financial and non-financial rewards creates passion. However care must be taken not only those incentives drives individual performance but contribute to sustainable business results in the future. Too narrow a focus on “line of sight” incentives may reap short term gains for the individual at the expense of long term consequences for the organization. Designing an effective incentive system results in a highly responsive work force. Incentives can drive both value creation and organization responsiveness or agility. Together they provide organizations with a competitive advantage that is hard for competitors to copy.

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