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Increase Employee Performance

Align, measure and view daily performance impacting mission, vision and goals!

Kaplan and Norton, developers of the Balanced Score Card reported that 70 to 90 percent of organizations failed to realize the full potential their strategy promises. A recent article by Erik Berggren and Lars Dalgaard estimate that companies experience successful strategy results only 15% from planning but 85% from execution.

It is one thing for business leaders and senior management teams to develop new strategies. It is quiet a different challenge to have them successfully implemented. Many strategies fail to deliver their full potential. This can be traced back to four critical success areas.

Strategies fail because;

  • The mission or strategy is vague or unclear. People are not sure what they need to do to support them day to day,

  • The values described in the vision, mission and goals are at odds with the existing values and beliefs guiding behavior within the organization,

  • There are no measures to help staff mark progress toward goal achievement ,

  • There is no reinforcement for behaviors supporting change.

Performance Path™

Performance Path™ provides a set of interlocking technologies enabling managers to align and motivate staff at all levels supporting mission, vision and goals. Managers can now drive strategy as easily as a captain steers a ship.

1. Tells employees what they need to do to excel.

One first line employee responded to the question, “What do you think of our new mission statement?” replied, “I don’t know, my job hasn’t changed.” Employees must understand how strategy affects their job and their daily decisions.

Performance Path’s performance based job descriptions specify the critical competencies driving business success. All job requirements are measurable and prioritized according to their strategic significance. This provides all employees with a blueprint for success from day one. Mission and strategy is defined in job specific terms they understand;

2. Tells employees what activities are valued.

The values described in the vision, mission and goals are at odds with the existing values and
beliefs guiding behavior within the organization, They guide decision making and create a personal sense of satisfaction. Values form the foundation of relationships and culture. Behavior that reflects accepted values are rewarded socially and sometimes monetarily. Effective leaders recognize and shape culture by reinforcing behaviors that reflect specific values.

Effective leaders use both recognition and rewards to shape behaviors supporting a desired values This may be done through public recognition, stories of heroic deeds, openly discussion decisions and of course, walking the talk. Knowing how to reinforce behavior and shape values is an essential skill for all managers. The biggest understands what different people find truly rewarding. Many companies rely on money and merchandise. These are expensive rewards. To be effective managers must frequently at first reinforce actions and decisions reflecting desired values.

Performance Path ® Incentive Cache™ is a powerful behavior management tool. It provides manages with a motivational profile for each staff member reporting to them. Managers stop wasting time and money on “Rewards” that are not rewarding. If you have ever received a gift you did not like, you know how staff feel when they receive recognition and rewards they don’t like. The Incentive Cache™ tells managers which financial or non-financial incentive has the greatest power to influence on each staff member's behavior.

3. Tells employees how they are performing.

There are no measures to help staff mark progress toward goal achievement.

Adults need a road map in order to plot progress. Otherwise they lose interest and focus on more immediate short term priorities and duties. Performance provides manages with multiple tools to solve this problem including job specific appraisals, goal setting work sheets, performance dash boards and the Incentive Cache®.

Job specific Appraisals provide a total objective way to conduct performance reviews. Each job skill defined in the job descriptions forms the basis for the appraisal. Every item in the appraisal is linked to performance driving KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). Our proprietary “Human Factors” rating scales enables manages not only to measure individual performance but motivation level, competency level, Management skill level, Innovation and conduct. To ensure absolute fairness a Difficulty Rating Scale is available for staff members assigned to the same position but work with vastly different levels of difficulty.

Job specific appraisals enable managers to pinpoint key skill needing improvement and establish work priorities driving strategy and sustainability. In addition, managers can target specific innovation areas creating value for the organization as well as supporting career advancement and compensation for the staff member.

Performance worksheets enable manager and staff member to discuss and create goals supporting strategic goals advancing staff development. Managers can monitor progress through performance dashboards, Including:

  • Leadership & Management Skill Level.

  • Employee Skill Level.

  • Employee Motivational Level. l.

  • Innovations Suggested and Implemented.

  • Skill & Motivational Improvements.

  • Performance Goals Initiated and Completed.

  • Displays KPI associated with staff performance by person, position or department.

Motivation – You Get What You Reward

Performance measures alone will not sustain a high performance workforce. Managers must recognize their staff do not work for them, they work for themselves.

Utilizing behavioral indicators and financial and non-financial incentives that can be removed ensures employees not only focus on what is best for themselves in the short term but what is best for the business in the long term., Performance Path ® is a no-nonsense pay-for-performance system that rewards the best, develops the mid-level skills, and improves under-performers within timeframes.

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