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Hardwire Accountability

Hardwire measurable management skills (Hard and soft) into appraisals.

In 2002 Watson Wyatt Worldwide published that company with effectively rewards and clear accountabilities received up to a 16.5% increase in share holder value. The 2001/2002 follow-up HCI study compared a group of companies at two different times. Doing a better job of rewarding employees for good work - and refusing to accept sub par performance - can earn a company a 16.5 percent higher market value. The study found that superior human capital practices are a leading indicator of superior financial results.

What is the evidence that:

  • Management is adding value - not destroying it?

  • They are aligned around a common vision?

  • They know what they need to do to ensure Human Capital earns a good return on investment (ROI)?

  • Do they bring the best out in their staff?

Best practice leadership skills can be objectively defined and measured. Including measurable best practices in appraisals increases accountability and share holder value. Examples include;

  • Ensuring the performance range between top performers and poor performers does not exceed 15% year over year.

  • Reward and recognize staff for performance /skill improvement according to Eligibility Criteria.

  • Independently discipline and or redirect staff according to HR guidelines and policy.

  • Independently resolves conflict with staff and customers by focusing on facts not personality, uses active listening, and maintains goals, strategy, and guidelines.

  • Asks for and includes other peoples ideas into plans, problem solutions, and assignments resulting in measurable improvements to critical success factors.

  • Independently and accurately recognizes rewards and documents performance of others supporting Company vision, values and strategy as it occurs. e.g. giving credit to others ideas, assigning special duties when interest is expressed, acknowledging employees that have completed an important assignment, etc.

If we can measure it we can grow it. Research has found there is as much as a 40% difference between top performers and poor performers with the same level of skill. Commonly referred to as discretionary effort. Identifying and defining measurable leadership skills for managers and including them in their appraisal expands soft skill accountability skill few have been able to measure. Improving leadership skills has a direct impact on employee skill and initiative. And that has a direct impact on increases organizational efficiency. Effective leadership inspires people to exceed expectations. It is human energy that drives progress.

Paying managers for the full scope of their job responsibilities including leadership rewards leadership effectiveness. Leadership effectiveness increases as managers realize the important of developing greater skill in managing and motivating staff. You get what you measure and reward.

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