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Tech Talk Fundamentals of the Software Design

Strategic "Change" Execution

Drive strategy like you drive your car..

Today more than ever, getting and sustaining success is dependent on your ability to innovate and execute. Both depend on the talent and motivation of staff. Imagine an executive attending a supervisor’s meeting to find out how the new strategy is working. One seasoned staffer smiles and says “I don’t know, my job hasn’t changed”. Everyone cracks up with nervous laughter.

Frontline supervisors are the lynchpin of strategic execution. If they fail to support change,  execution can drag on and eventually die on the vine.

What is the evidence that:

  • Management is adding value - not destroying it?

  • They are aligned around a common vision?

  • They know what they need to do to ensure Human Capital earns a good return-on-investment?

  • Do they bring the best out in their staff?

All managers and supervisor need to have the tools to measure or motivate their teams. As they say if you are not the lead do the view never changers.


Performance Path ® Human Factors Dashboard, …

  • Leadership & Management Skill Level.

  • Employee Skill Level.

  • Employee Motivational Level.

  • Innovations Suggested and Implemented.

  • Skill & Motivational Improvements.

  • Performance Goals Initiated and Completed.

  • Displays KPI Performance by Person, Position or Department.

Motivation – You Get What You Reward

Performance measures alone will not sustain a high performance workforce.

Managers must recognize their staff do not work for them, they work for themselves.

Utilizing behavioral indicators and financial and non-financial incentives that can be removed ensures employees not only focus on what is best for themselves in the short term but what is best for the business in the long term., Performance Path ® is a no-nonsense pay-for-performance system that rewards the best, develops the mid-level skills, and improves under-performers within timeframes.

Utilizing an innovative incentive system individualized to each employee, manager’s evaluations improves risk management while creating fair and balanced appraisals.

Pay increases are not automatic…they are earned.

Executives have dashboards to instantly monitor functions, departments and employee performance as closely as they monitor cash flow. This is what the Fed is asking for…..a compensation system that doesn’t pull any punches.

It is a manager’s daily responsibility to energize, motivate and direct each individual in their team.. In the end, your company’s performance and ability to execute is dependent on individuals taking the right actions that drive strategic success.

Executive Steering Wheel

Combining information technology with organizational psychology Performance Path ® creates
an executive steering wheel putting managers at all levels in the driver’s seat.

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