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Employee Appraisal System

Differentiating between those employees that add value and those that don’t is a key success factor for your organization!

Our “Human Factor” appraisal system makes it easy for managers to create a collaborative discussion regarding performance, innovation, motivation and conduct.

Appraisals are job specific, defining work requirements and accountabilities with laser sharp metrics. This cuts down on the time usually spent discussing generalizations found in traditional appraisals formats. Human Factor appraisals not only include measurement of specific job skills, but allow manages and staff to target areas for innovation, as well as, easily review concerns regarding motivation levels and conduct. They are much more advanced than the old one-size-fits all appraisals format many organizations still use. Every item is measurable and job specific, making it fair and legally bullet proof. In addition, our proprietary rating scale enables managers to accurately assess both skill and motivation at the same time. Individual ratings are linked with specific coaching strategies making is easier for managers to develop underperformers or provide advanced learning opportunities for high performers. The collaborative interaction is designed to build employee commitment and loyalty.

Managers find it easy to plan and follow up on employee assignments. Coaching plans, work assignments or complex projects can be outlined allowing both manager and employee to monitor progress. Alerts are used to remind manager and employee when it is time to review preset progress dates. Performance dashboards allow managers to view past performance as well as ongoing completion of assigned tasks and goals.

Are your managers leaving you vulnerable to expensive law suits?

Most managers recognize the importance of employee documentation. However, it usually remains a low priority until something goes horribly wrong. Attorneys have learned to subpoena all documentation for all employees in a department. Frequently this turns up an abundance of documentation on their client and very little if any on other staff members. This information may become evidence of discrimination against their client. “Continuous Documentation”, may be critical to winning a law suit. Our documentation alert system reminds managers when to document on a regular schedule. Managers can set the alerts themselves or HR can set alerts at designated intervals to search for and send reminders to managers who have not recorded any documentation.

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