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Organizational DevelopmentJob Link Training

Transferring classroom attendance to work competencies often requires additional training and support from supervisors. Unlike generic soft skill training such as customer service, leadership or communication, Job Link™ training is directly linked to specific job needs; identifying and creating a direct link between skill training and strategic work needs.

Traditional management and customer service training are ineffective in building tangible links to on-the-job skills. Performance Path ® has developed Job Link™ to break the mold of the traditional generic employee classroom training concepts.

After traditional training most employees anticipate returning to work to “catch up” with work that has piled up while they were away. They receiving little reinforcement from their supervisor for using their new skills as supervisors did not attend the training and don’t what skills were taught there.

Job Link™ creates a closed loop between work needs, skill improvement training and supervisory follow up. The employee’s work skills are reviewed and strategic work needs are identified.

Job Link™ training modules are identified from skill clusters that relate to specific work needs. Participants are given self-assessment to further define and identify their capability level, and these areas are specifically targeted during training.

Immediately upon return to work, each participant’s supervisor receives a copy of the employee’s performance improvement targets and together they review and select one or two high priority targets to implement, and a review date is set.

The supervisor uses an Incentive Cache
to reinforce performance improvement and the supervisor may use an Incentive Cache to strengthen the transfer of new or improved skills demonstrated on-the-job. Job Link™ training creates a tangible link between specific on-the-job skills, job-linked training, and on-the-job performance.

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