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IncentivesIncentive Cache™

Motivate, Recognize, Appreciate, Reward and Retain your employees by uncovering their unique interests and needs with the Incentive Cache™ by Performance Path.

Highly effective leaders take the time to understand what motivates each and every one of their team members.

The Incentive Cache™ provides managers with a motivational profile listing the top motivators for each employee. Linking individual desire and lifestyle needs with mission, vision and strategy creates a passion for excellence. This enables manager to:

  • Attract TOP Talent
  • Expand Ownership
  • Drive Innovation at ALL Levels
  • Lower Relative Cost
  • Create A Culture of Achievement, NOT Entitlements

Incentive Cache™ is a tool designed to identify financial and non-financial incentives based on each individual’s wants and needs. By linking performance-based incentives with the tasks staff and managers perform daily creates purpose and drives success. Aligning incentives with daily tasks, goals and strategy focuses all efforts on the key performance areas driving your success. Imagine having a gigantic steering wheel with which you can shift every employee's attention and work effort onto new strategies, improving productivity or reducing costs quickly and easily.

Imagine receiving incentives that are valuable to you as an individual; incentives based on your preferences, your interests, your lifestyle and on your performance. You would have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Incentive Cache ™ has identified six strategic categories of motivational incentives.

Our motivational profiler pinpoints each individual’s motivational hot buttons, identifying financial and non-financial incentives that employees are passionate about. Managers can drive front-line activities by linking them with performance-based incentives. The following study demonstrates how incentives contain cost and increase profitability:

A ten year research study from The Jackson Organization provides indisputable and startling results. 26,000 healthcare employees from 31 organizations demonstrated the financial payoff between organizations that effectively recognize employees and those that do not.

Recognition Rating Return On Assets Operating Margins Return On Equity

Highest Rating

6.1% 6.6% 8.1%

Lowest Rating

1.7% 1.0% 2.4%

Effective recognition is no longer optional. It is a competitive tool driving your success. If you do not know what rewards your staff you could be feeding bananas to your tigers.

Our Incentive Cache ™ enables management to:

  • Direct and align employee effort where it is needed most.
  • Increase skill and initiative.
  • Ensure accountability.
  • Drive financial results.

The Incentive Cache ™

It’s not just managers recognizing employee achievements; it is people recognizing people for very specific contributions tied to results.

Remember; “If you don’t know what motivates your people, you could be feeding bananas to your tigers.” says Rod Waddell, President of Performance Path ®. Different things motivate different people. You get what you reward. Motivational profiling allows managers to quickly and effectively identify individual motivational hot buttons for each employee. Employees work hardest when their work effort connects to their personal lifestyle wants and needs. Linking strategic objectives and goals with individual work efforts and personalized incentives creates commitment and loyalty.
An incentive survey identifies the types of incentives that reward staff excellence, performance, innovative ideas, and taking on new job responsibilities. Linking incentives with business objectives accelerates business success. Managers learn to use measurable goals and recognition to expand performance without adding cost.

Which of these would you work hard to get? Which ones attract top talent, reinforce extra effort and innovative thinking? And how frequently can your organization afford to give them?

  • Extra Vacation Time
  • Flex Time
  • Designated Parking Space
  • Advanced Training
  • Special Assignments Of Interest
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Public Praise
  • Achievement Awards
  • Sincere Appreciation
  • Designated Expert Status
  • Extended Insurance Benefits
  • Matching 401k Contributions
  • Theater Tickets
  • Expanded Health Plan
  • Company Coffee Mug
  • Monogram Shirt
  • Airline Ticket Voucher
  • Luxury Pen Set
  • Crystal Clock
  • Pay Raise

Non-financial incentives lower cost and increase management’s control over individual performance. Remember: you get what you reward.

Incentive Cache™ gets managers and employees to THINK LIKE OWNERS.

Are you ready to Motivate, Recognize, Appreciate, Reward and Retain your employees?

Contact Performance Path ® today to schedule a FREE consultation.

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