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Belt Tightening Inside YOUR Organization

The first or second largest expense in almost every organization is labor. Studies show that 60-75% of an organization’s overhead expenses are consumed by their people.

Organizations must:

  • Assess the top line versus cost structure.

  • Cut discretionary spending.

Now, imagine if your employees could be just 5% more productive every day. Obviously, this would have enormous positive impact on your bottom-line. So, the question of the day is: How can you improve your human capital?

  • Ensure employee commitment during cost cutting by asking them how to minimize cost.

  • Identify the day-to-today actions staff must perform to drive value.

  • Attract and keep top talent by rewarding performance not putting in time.

  • Create a value mindset by linking staff actions and incentives with business value drivers

  • Ensure full engagement of employees by providing highly valued low cost incentives.

  • Objectively differentiate those that add value and those that don’t.

  • Reduce head count based on objective assessment of skill and motivation.

  • Reward staff for measurably improving individual or organizational performance.

  • Make managers and frontline supervisors reward employee merit.

Performance Path ® provides an easy, cost effective way to achieve belt tightening.

  • Objectively separate those that add value and those that don’t

  • Close the skill gap between highest and lowest performer.

  • Pay-For-Performance, quantify management skill Level.

  • Increase innovation and alignment, quantify leadership skill level.

  • Pay For Performance, accurately measure employee skill level.

  • Motivate or replace, accurately measure employee motivation level.

  • Reduce costs with non-financial incentives that engage employees, and drive performance.

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