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About Performance Path

Performance Path ® was developed as a follow-through tool and process to insure a measurable way to not only report on, but to ensure the business objectives are communicated and achieved at every level of the organization.

“It starts with a detailed and measurable Job Description that clearly defines the expectations between employer and employee. Once established, managers can focus on a positive approach to help the employee meet the metrics who are then rewarded with the proper incentive.”

Immediately upon return to work, each participant’s supervisor receives a copy of the employee’s performance improvement targets and together they review and select one or two high priority targets to implement, and a review date is set.

The supervisor uses an Incentive Cache ™ to reinforce performance improvement and the supervisor may use an Incentive Cache ™ to strengthen the transfer of new or improved skills demonstrated on-the-job. Job Link™ training creates a tangible link between specific on-the-job skills, job-linked training, and on-the-job performance.

Our Mission

We provide dynamic technologies that instantly transform business strategy into business reality. Our clients become agile change masters leaping ahead of slow to change competition. We tangibly link organization mission with employee passion and guarantee results.

Company Profile

Mr. Rod Waddell has worked with such prestigious organizations as, AT&T USA, Barclays Private Bank, British Caymanian Insurance, CIBC, CUC, Cayman Islands Government, Cable and Wireless, Dresden Bank Latin America, Colgate, Chevron USA/CCR, Exxon, GM of Canada, and Tropical Shipping. to name a few.. Mr. Waddell has recently qualified as Advisor Specialist with Investors In and People UK.

After 20 years of leadership experience Mr. Waddell continues to enjoy building business success through innovative and teamwork.

History - Performance Path ®

Business performance management (BPM) has made great strides over the last decade. Certainly balanced score cards and dashboards help managers plan, monitor and analyze results. Executives implement performance management to improve execution of strategy, increase efficiency and become more agile competitors.

The oversight … human energy. Human energy is what drives progress. All BPM systems use goal setting and Key performance indicators to measure, monitor and analyze performance. These are lag measures. Relaying on these factors alone is like driving your car by looking in the rear view mirror.

Managers and employees need the information and motivation to drive success. Front line decisions (Lead Measures) drive bottom line results. Goals and objectives (Lag Measures) measure results. Employee motivation affects everything – customer relations, costly errors, and delayed responses.

Performance Path ® was developed over a number of years by psychologist and human behavior analyst Rod Waddell. In an effort to ‘find a better way’ to manage employees and bottom line results, he developed Performance Path ® and Incentive Cache™.

Executive Team

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